Weekly Progress and Ranting: Squish More Bugs

Welcome folks and folkettes,

Monday was a good day. Monday was the day where we killed Blade Lord Tayak. His tornadoes are really annoying. We changed up our moving strategy to spread around him while we tanked him in the middle, and switch to the various sides of the room rather than physically move him each time he did his thingamabob. This made stacking easier and also tornado avoidance. 25 VP and no upgrades. Yay.

Tuesday is always a good day for us, Tuesday is the day where we do our full clear of MV and then fly on over to squish some bugs. This is it for the good news by the way. If you’re familiar with my humble abode, this is about the time where I begin my ranting.

So. The good news was that we downed 7 bosses in 90 minutes. 150 VP. The bad? 0 upgrades for the 2nd week in a row. I sort of lie, I did win an Offhand that I can not use as I have not run LFR for a chance at the main hand yet, and the Wills don’t seem to want to drop anything useful for anyone.

LFR? Do I need LFR? Oh god this question again. Well, not really. MV has gotten to the point where I can go back to healing while not really paying full attention to anything. Am I being entitled to loot? Should one feel that after three weeks of raiding that they should see an upgrade? Maybe not. Perhaps we’re supposed to be in our heroic 463s and even the crappy 458 JP gear has held us through for this long. Perhaps the kill is the real reward and upgrades are just icing on the cake…as it should be!

I will still refuse to do LFR on my druid until my warlock has capped off VP for everyone to receive the bonus. Yes, a good plan indeed.

I know it all boils down to RNG and luck, but seriously? My heals are definitely not lacking but….well you know what I mean right? Double gold. Double gold!!

On the other hand, my off-off spec, yes not even my off spec, but the spec in which I am attempting to work on, kitty, has more upgrades than my main spec. All 496s. Wtf? This shows you how many items are dropping that no one needs and yes I am looking at YOU spirit plate. /growl

Yes yes, the extra 2% stats isn’t going to REALLY make or break the game, and perhaps this is a secret message that is being sent out. A message that is meant to erase the wrongdoings of the past, more specifically the Loot Rain of T9. You don’t “need” gear to succeed (beyond a certain threshold of course), but just go in and have fun, and that is totally working! (And pay attention, make sure you are prepared, pay attention, and also maximize your spells, but that is standard practise)

Also I now feel compelled, not feeling forced, to start doing Shado-Pan dailies on my druid. At the very get-go I refused to do anything but raid, and this proved to be a tough situation to augment any off-pieces that won’t drop in raid (aka all pieces, every week). Had I felt “forced” to do Shado-Pan perhaps I’d already have bought 2 pieces off of them and won’t be as frustrated from the lack of upgrades.

Blame the Warlock

This is one point that I am going to hit home everytime. I blame the changes to the Warlock class. We are just so good.

When you have a toon who can mow down entire quest hubs in mere seconds, playing anything else just feels slow and tedious.

We have a demon who can tank and has excellent threat and rarely needs mending, and also enough burst to eviscerate regular mobs in one or two spells.

Compare this to a boomkin who has to apply both dots then stand around and nuke for 10 seconds.

Ok fine, 10 seconds is not THAT bad, but over the long run. But compare this to 3.

Or a hunter, who has to cast like what…..50 arcane shots to kill a mob? It’s gotten better since my hunter has replaced all his slots with heroics gear, but…is it just me or do hunters not have that OOMPH anymore?

Turny the Angry Tree

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