Should I Run LFR?

We made great progress yesterday, clearing all of MV and the first boss in HoF in a record breaking 90 minutes. Everyone brought their A game and it was highly appreciated, I even ranked on the healing charts for Stone Dogs. Imagine that, ranking for just sitting around watching tv and pushing rejuv every 10 seconds.

Despite all the good and fast, out of our seven boss kills, not a single piece of upgrade dropped for several of us, and that is including using our lucky charms. Zero. Zilch.

On a personal level, this was an absolute waste of time. Regular MV is old content and so is HoF pretty much (anyone worth their salt is already full heroic cleared right?
. For the guild, this was great, we have a head start towards the empress tomorrow and I have a feeling we will one shot Blade Lord Tauralak or whatever the fck the 2nd boss’ name is.
Back to selfish loot drama.

Did I need an upgrade? We cleared in record time, and ranked with a pvp blue helm, and the crappy elementium dragonling trinket. Probably not. I know it’s just a week of bad luck, but clearing an entire raid and something with not just no upgrades but also a pittance of VP feels pretty shitty. Whoop-dee-fuckity-doo 150 VP that makes my 200 VP from last week go up to 350.

Also, I have completely boycotted playing my druid outside of raid times. No dailies. No heroics/scenarios/LFR. LFR…the only other place where I can *twitch* replace my blue helm with a sub-par purple helm *twitch*. Boomkins just take too long to kill things and I can’t be bothered with building a kitty set, as..this all takes time, which we have none of. He’s the only one with a maxed out farm but….seriously who the hell has time to kill critters and clear out weeds? Why can’t we hire a farm hand to do this for us?

Honestly, getting an upgrade feels…good. Sure sure you can argue that back in the day it would take MONTHS to even upgrade your ilvl 55 blue item to an ilvl 58 blue item and that was an epic excuse, but the game has changed where gear is being rained down and I am just bitching about being unlucky enough to have stayed dry.

Would a 489 helm vs a 458 helm make a significant push towards my mana regen, which has no issues at the moment? Not really. Does the 0.2% extra healing really help when our burst AOE is already kind of crappy? Not really. But……

/whisper: It’s blue and ugly.

Then again, it did take me over a YEAR to finally see and win a Fandral’s Flamescythe.

It’s okay.

Turny the Lootless

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