Battle Pets for Warlocks

Now for a happy post that I have been meaning to setup for several weeks: Battle Pets for Warlocks!

You would be delighted to know that there are two rare-ish pets that have been added out in the wild that I believe are perfect for warlocks, especially warlocks who choose to specialize in Grimoire of Sacrifice and are used to having a buddy beside them.

Green + Fire = Win!

 Meet the Fel Flame. The Fel Flame can be found in Shadowmoon Valley in Outlands and they spawn in any “green fire” pool around the Hand of Gul’dan. Expect a LOT of other assholes (including yourself) flying around hunting or camping them out as they seem to have a fairly long respawn rate. These pets are about level 20 if I remember correctly so come prepared!

So mini!

The second pet that I would to introduce is the Minfernal. The Minfernal can be found in Felwood in Kalimdor. They spawn in the area with the big infernals just south of Whisperwind Grove where you will see a bunch of craters on your map. These seem to have an even worse spawn rate than the Fel Flames and again, expect TONS of people in the area. I believe due to CRZ you will have to fight your way to the first spawn.

Also, please note that in 5.1 we will be able to upgrade our pets and unless you are DESPERATE to use these two pets RIGHT AWAY, just catch one, and be on your way to save people a lot of grief. (Or if no one is around…I guess you can catch two)

Truny the Moar Demons!

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