The Bug is Dead

This may not be a big deal to anyone since Heart of Fear has already been out for so many weeks and all the top guilds have cleared it on heroic, but we have shuffled our three raiding days to fit in both MV and HoF and I am pleased to say the first boss is dead. I apologize as I do not know the name of this boss, I believe his name is Grand Vizier Maloriak. No wait, Maloriak was in T11….well anyhoo he is the first boss and he has some deadly abilities and some…*cough* fun mechanics that I am actually quite impressed by.

As a resto druid, I spent most of my time DPS’ing and we effectively 2.25 healed this. I jumped in and helped in P2 when the boss did his Hard Hitting Stand Under The Shell Yell ability that ticked for 60k a second. The spiral dancing and MC control were all great mechanics.

Alas, we have not seen any spellpower leather or healer items for several weeks and my Lucky Tokens have been really shitty on the druid. My warlock seems to win something everytime she uses those??

 I do believe HoF is being released in LFR today…that should be a blast.

We then proceeded to get the 2nd boss all the way down to 40% before everyone started falling asleep. I shall update you on our Thursday run when we revisit HoF. I do remember his name, it was Blade Lord Talaraiak or something like that.

Turny the DPSing Tree

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