No More Horror Stories

Remember the time when a lot of us had an intimate connection with heroic dungeon bosses? Before the JP/VP acquisition change, we spent a lot of times in dungeons and we had a lot of horror stories regarding these dungeons.

Alas, this is no more. How much do you want to bet that you can’t even name 5 of the heroics, and at least 2 of the bosses in them? You can? Well…I can’t…

How many “defend this wall” type dungeons are there? Setting Sun, Cow Temple, That One In The Tree, and all of the heroic bosses’ mechanics don’t really matter. These mechanics were put in place for challenge mode and challenge mode only.

I think the extent of our horror stories nowadays amounts to “oh, this person is only doing 30k dps”, or “this person is crazy”. There aren’t any particular bosses that I can think of with a deadly mechanic except for that Spinny of Doom guy in Scarlet Whatever.

Is this a good change of culture? Having us spend less time grinding heroics, and more time out in the world? I think it is, rather than working together, we can complain about other things such as tagged mobs/tagged rares and over-crowded daily zones.

Speaking of rares, why are people so rude?

Here’s the deal: no one has any claim on any mob. If you want it, you tag it and you fight it. As a courtesy, you either help the person, ask for an invite to get credit, or sit around quietly and wait for them to die, if they die. If you are on a PVP server, go ahead and try to gank them, if you are on a PVE server, go ahead and flag yourself and hope their AOE hits you. This is all fair play, but as of late, I have been getting a lot of “rude gestures”, being spat on, being cursed at.

Really? It’s all a game of speed, if you’re slow you lose. Though to be fair I do scan the area to make sure no one is ABOUT to tag it then swoop in for the kill. Though this is limited to latency and LoS. My hunter got spat on after having tracked down a rare crane, by an opposing faction hunter going the opposite way. I guess technically I am supposed to “hate” the alliance, but I don’t. My latest encounter was some panda lady that I killed, with 2 flagged ally standing on her hoping that I would tag them. Why would you want a level 90 destro lock to flag you especially when your HP is lower than what chaos bolt could hit for?

In these cases, all you can do is /spit back, say “fuck you, have a good day”, /wave or /bow then leave.

Truny the Horrorless

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