Brewfest Woes

The timing of the Mists of Pandaria launch and the dawn of the Direbrew Festival this year is just horrendous. I only have 2 characters who can queue at a chance for the one single holiday mount I have not been lucky enough to find: The Brewfest Ram.

Very painful. To add to this pain, is it just me….or has anyone noticed that a lot of groups that queue for this FAIL HORRIBLY? Honestly, the Coren fight is more hectic to heal than what we have seen so far of Mogu’shan vaults. The one clincher to this fight is Ursular Direbrew, she spawns when he is at about a third health and will CC anyone highest on her threat list. This SHOULD go to a DPS, not the tank, or healer. That should be enough explanation.

Long Explanation: If you are the tank, ignore her, if you are dps, HIT HER so you take one for the team. If you are a healer, yell for someone other than the tank to aggro her.

Lastly, why are people doing 10-20k dps on him? My level 89 warlock managed 35k. Isn’t the level 90 baseline 40k? Is this a dire sign that the game is shifting?

Truny the Shuddering Warlock

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