Who the Heck is Xi’an of the Endless Shadow?

I haven’t stalked myself on Armory for quite some time since setting foot in Pandaria, and I just noticed that our Mogu’shan Vaults progress was 4/6. What the heck? Who was the 4th boss? Who is Xi’an of the Endless Shadow? Then I remembered, oh yes, we did down the 4th encounter. It was so horribly easy that I  totally forgot about it, and that we are making attempts at Elegon, who is in fact the 5th boss, not 4th.

I thought the 4th encounter was called Spirit Kings? We 2 healed this and I fail-kin DPS’d it with 1000 latency.

Turny’s Tips for Spirit Kings

Are you ready for this? Now that I remember doing the encounter, I believe there are 4 kings that you must defeat, each with fairly trivial mechanics, and once they are defeated, they keep one of their mechanics that you have to deal with on top of any new king you encounter.

I’ll be damned if I remember what they are called.

Guy Where You Stack Then Don’t Stack and Move Out of Wall
So, stack in front of this guy. When you see a giant ground animation, run out, or through him TOGETHER with your tank so you don’t die. If the group does not run together, the tank may die since his main attack is split amongst everyone for a bajillion damage. He summons a line of soldiers that everyone must move together to safety out of.

He continues to summon walls after he is..re-dead.

Pro-laggy tip: If you are SUPER laggy, run out a second before everyone or just stay out.

Guy That Has the Shadow Things
This guy summons shadow things that follow you and ..don’t really hit that hard, but kite them and kill them and stay out of shadowy pools.

He continues to spawn the shadowy following things when he is down.

Guy That Shoots Arrows and Pins You and Spins
This guy shoots arrows in volleys of 3, with increasing damage with each volley. Very simple to move out of unless you are dodging a wall of soldiers and trying to kite a shadowy figure. He’ll also pin random players to the ground, who need to be freed akin to Bone Spike in ICC and he will spin. That’s about it.

I’m not sure what he does when he is down but it is probably trivial.

Guy That Goes Mad and Reflects Damage and You Stack and Do 40k Damage to Each Other
This guy is tricky, and it’s ideal that you get him as the last boss as he has an ability that makes everyone mad and take heavy damage until you’ve been friendly fired enough. This adds a hectic element to the fight especially with all of the other king’s abilities going on. But pretty much stack, then stay alive. He also reflects damage when he goes into coward mode? So…don’t tunnel vision!

We will be attempting to make Elegon dead tonight so I shall update you shortly!

Turny the Failkin

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