Check: Spiritbinder Down

Apparently yesterday was raid night for us, and apparently we downed the third boss encounter in Mogu’shan Vaults, the Spiritbinder.

I apologize dear reader, I do hope you are the same reader…anyways…I failed to pay attention to the name of the boss yet again, but I did remember that his name had “Spiritbinder” in the end.

This boss is a solid DPS check. I had tweaked around my talents a bit to help with pushing out just over four million points of damage on our successful pull. That’s a lotta wrath! We essentially 2.65 healed, except for when the boss goes into OMGDAMAGE mode where I popped Super Tree and threw everything on everyone.

The Spirit Realm
We rotated healers accordingly depending on who had the Voodoo Doll debuff on them, and my one and only tip in there is: pre-hot anyone going in, refresh your lifebloom on the tank then spam regrowth once inside. Once everyone is full and you come back out, you get all your mana back anyways, this isn’t really a healer fight but a damage dealing check.

Alas poor Yorick, nothing useful dropped nor did my Lucky Charms prove to be any useful. Perhaps one day there will be some sort of bonus loot for me (a guildie did win shoulders on their roll, which proves they sort of work….)

Low Level Sha of Anger Kill
I am questing hard on Truny the Warlock and I have to say, levelling as a destruction warlock is oh, probably seven times faster and easier than my boomkin. It’s nice that my boomkin can multidot and kite while self healing, but blowing everyone up is just a LITTLE bit more fun.

I was questing in Kun’lai and was in the final stages when a potential Sha of Anger group was forming. I thought to myself “I’ll just ask for an invite, no one will realize that I’m level 88”. I got invited. I contributed. Sort of. Luckily for the new reforging mount I bumped my hit from 9% to about 13.5%…close enough. I got killed by the wandering or respawning trash once, but I did contribute my measly 22k dps to the effort and was rewarded with a shiny pair of T14 legs. Shiny. Alas, I could not equip it. At least once I hit 90 I shall have a pair of 496 pants and a pair of free 476 shoes.

LFR is released today. *Shudder*. I am conflicted. Shall I just bear down, and run this? Will the first few weeks of LFR be as smooth as when DS came out? I assume only most raiders who have seen and possibly cleared a few bosses of regular MV will be geared enough to enter? Not saying that non-geared people are batshit crazy but…you know how it is…

…my last few Coren Direbrew runs have been horrendous. How does one manage to pull anything less than 20k dps at level 89+???? HOW?? To be fair, my healer spamming wrath can do that much…..

…anyways. Another concern of LFR is that..well as more toons hit the 90 mark and use LFR as a gearing tool, will I eventually become bored out of my mind with Mogu’shan Vaults? From what I see, regular puts up enough damage to keep my healer awake but…..perhaps we shall switch to heroic in a few weeks.

Anyways, Spirit Kings is our next kill and from skimming the dungeon journal those individual kings just seem like a whole bunch of stacking/dodging.

Turny the Tree

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