The DS Weapon Collection is Complete!

 Let me reintroduce to you my sturdy warrior Bruny. Bruny likes to mine gems for a living, and has pretty much set up residence within Twilight Highlands.

As you can see to the right, Bruny is wielding Ashkandi, and when someone is wielding Ashkandi, they’ve probably transmogged it onto something, and what other 2H sword is in the game at the moment?

Yes, Gurthalak, Voice of the Almost Never Drops!

I’ve actually delayed this post for about three weeks, which is how long my warrior has had possession of the Tentacle Rape sword. I’m not even sure why I went into LFR with my warrior, probably helping a friend roll on things (I know, it’s bad). Of course, Deathwing drops this sword, and of course, the tank wins and everyone sighs in frustration and leaves. Now I have made a habit of going afk during loot rolls. It just takes THAT long to get things done.
All the melee users had left and the very nice tank traded me this sword! And thus concludes my almost six month long hunt to collect all of Deathwing’s weapons (for no reason at all). (Also, my rogue managed to collect his useless dagger)
So as I had mentioned before, if I ever won this sword on either my DK or Warrior I would respectively switch specs to Unholy/Arms. So I respecced to Arms, worked out the nuances and it seems my warrior does fairly well managing to maintain about 24k in half tanking gear.
Not that I’ll ever DPS with him ever again mwahaha!

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