Destroying Ends and Stuff

Wow it’s been a while since my last post. It’s been a busy month with exams and job transitions abound.

Wow Updates!

Hmm, my druid is now 5/8 HM and almost breaking the 400 ilvl barrier. This is great, because I do not intend to quest on my druid come MOP, he can start healing fresh off the boat to Pandaland. I would have to say that despite being drop-dead-boring on regular mode, heroic mode encounters actually keep me on my feet, and awake, and looking at my screen….sometimes.

I now have four toons with the oh so special “Destroyer’s End” title. In order of acquisition: my hunter, druid, ….wait for it ….. rogue……and then…warrior!

Yeah! I haven’t touched my warlock for several months and her progression goes as far as 5/8 regular mode DS. I could just use her for one run to get her street cred upped, but screw that shit. Having previewed the feel of warlock in MOP, continuing to play in our current state is just a waste of time.

What has this world come to? Where my MELEE toons are more fun, and have progressed more than my once main character? My arms warrior has a really good feel to him, his attacks feel hefty and smashy. On the other hand, my assassination rogue is quite fun, despite juggling dot uptime, slice n dice uptime, and also maximizing my envenoms, it feels very “right”, unlike a warlock. (Though if combat and sub had a specialized dot, then all hell would break loose cause everyone would want to use it).

But yeah, I have lost track of what I was talking about again so goodbye.

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