How I Had Envisioned Dragon Soul

I know a lot of lore nowadays happens “out of game”, in novels and what-not and the DS that I had anticipated would make no sense in terms of where the story was “supposed” to go, but then again should the story have went the way it did to begin with?

First of all, let’s start with our current “Madness” encounter. Currently, after we beat on Deathwing’s face for about 3 minutes he dies and a random aspect will make their speech and Aggra’s pregnant, the end.

NO. Before I describe how I had imagined DS, this is how I would re-imagine the current ending.

This is how it should be:

With one final blow, the aspects muster up the last of their strength and decimate the destroyer in the heart of the maelstrom. The aspects slowly descend onto our platform, give us our loot box and everything is okay. We see the same cutscene we see now, except that from amidst the maelstrom, a giant tentacle shoots up, followed by hundreds, thousands of smaller tentacles. They begin to cast a void-storm that shatters the platforms, causing the maelstrom to swell and toil around us. Consuming us into darkness. The cutscene fades from black, showing the raid dead at the bottom of a dark stone cavern. The aspects are unconscious, as are Thrall and Aggra. ESPECIALLY Aggra, she’s the most dead. Anyways.

The cavern seems to be in the eye of the maelstrom, water drips off the dark stone that’s been imbued with chaotic energies and above the group the cavern opens up to a portion of the maelstrom brewing over-head, a seemingly powerful barrier is keeping the water from crashing in. Swirling in the midsts of the currents are hundreds of face-less entities floating, watching. Alextrasza regains consciousness and resurrects everyone.

“A valient effort, mortals. My greatest pawn towards the destruction of Azeroth, taken down by mere fleshlings like you”. The camera moves over to see that amidst the giant cavern, a humanoid form deathwing is standing there. Strange whispers emanate from within the cavern.

“Soon, all shall be undone!”, cackles the strange entity. The camera zooms in on his cackling face, his mouth begins to glow bright and cracks open, the shell of a body slumps to the ground as an enormous N’Zoth appears, filling up most the cavern.

Let the fight begin: Yogg’saron 2.0!

I’m not going to go into detail about this fight, but let’s just say that the aspects and Thrall fight beside you and provide buffs that are crucial to the raid mechanics. Such as Ysera’s healing mist, the raid must attempt to line up to chain the mist to everyone in the raid to receive a large heal and a damage shield lasting 20 seconds.

N’zoth also casts Madness onto a random group member at the beginning of the fight, and anyone who cleanses or CC’s/damages them enough will dispel the madness, but in doing so will take on the madness themselves. The raid must balance madness juggling along with the various fight mechanics.

See, isn’t that a much more better ending? =D

ANYWAYS. (Reverses time)
In the beginning I had no concept of the entire DS raid, just the fight with deathwing being a series of “scenario” fights much like the ones we have now, but a bit more epic and less disjointed and way less mind-numbing. It wasn’t until pictures of the DS raid bosses were released that I began to construct a visual layout for the raid based on what I saw.

I saw faceless, and got excited. We must be going underground! There were generals of the Old Gods, which meant that there must be something to do with an Old God at the end. Little did we know, these 2 legendary generals were just herpaderping inside maws…waiting for us to loot them.

Nope chucktestaanddeathwingtentacles.jpg

I had envisioned the beginning of DS to have the same layout as BWD, a great raid of this expansion.

Then pictures of Ultraxion were released and I thought “yes, Atramedes 2.0! but twilightier!”.

Nope, chucktestaandangryyellingdragonpushabutton.jpg

Lastly, info was released that we would be fighting on the very back of the Destroyer. Little did we know that this was just Thrall sending us grunts up to kill, kill, kill, stack. Kill. Heal. Wait. Kill. Rinse and repeat 3x so that he can be the hero.

I had postponed this post from last week. I wanted to fully absorb the atmosphere of DS one last time in case I had missed something. Thus, I ended up doing DS on four characters, my newly growing rogue, warlock, hunter, and tree druid.

I tried to engage myself in the siege, defeat Morchok, the giant stone guardian, then….head into the temple…and…oh no… to the maws? Uhh why don’t we just drop some nuclear bombs down there? Both these bosses spawn trash and this is where I usually zone out. I mean, the trash aren’t going anywhere, they’re stuck down there anyways! And there’s SO MUCH of it, and they also drop the coveted 397 off-hand, where in that case there ISN’T enough trash in DS. Poor design? Maybe.

Anyways, just like how I try to refrain from trash talking LFR, this should also be my last burning of DS. Poor DS.

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