LFD: Why are HoT Heroics Grouped with Cataclysm Heroics?

Hello dear reader,

I would like for you to think back to patch 4.2: Rise of the Zandalari (or whatever the hell it was called), and put yourself back into the tedious time of separate dungeon queues via our LFD tool.

We had “regular” dungeons, which awarded 140 JP.
We had “Cataclysm” heroics, which awarded 70 VP.
We had “Zandalari” heroics, which awarded 140 VP.

Anyone worth their salt would have totally ignored the old heroics and queued for the newer, higher reward Zandalari heroics and that’s where the name of “regular heroics” came from.

Come patch 4.3, we get a new batch of heroics. The HoT Heroics. They have a much lower gear and skill requirement and also demand less of one’s time investment.

Some of my old Zandalari runs used to take 1-2 hours and would essentially be my single dungeon run of the DAY, shuffling through almost a dozen different PUGs in a single run. Sigh.

Nowadays, the Zandalaris have been scaled back and are grouped with the “cataclysm heroics”.

However, the LFD tool is….in the gentlest of terms possible: STUPID.

Why? Why am I complaining? Both Cata and HoT heroics now offer 150 VP?

Well yes, HOWEVER, when one chooses to queue for Cata Heroics, just to re-visit some of the funner encounters of the past(and also grab the 140 VP bonus), the LFD tool doesn’t filter out the newer heroics! And because the newer heroics are so much easier and offer better gear, the demand for roles tend to put us into the HOT heroics.

I don’t want to listen to Asthamtion tell us that we are merely mortal and we must die like one! My rogue actually wants to do heroic Shadowfang Keep cause he doesn’t have the achievement and never got the opportunity to die in a fire like all the melee from back pre-4.3!

None of my characters have any need for the sole purpose of the HoT Heroics: Easy 378s, and a vaguely supposedly epic storyline. They want to have some FUN. “Fun”, as in watching people die and perhaps helping out newer players with mechanics they will never see again until MoP in the older heroics.

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