Y U So Mortal?

Or rather, why are WE so mortal? Or rather, why do BOSSES think we are so mortal? It is by our swords and magics that ultimately slay them in the very spots they claim our mortality.

I’ve been listening to bosses a lot lately and I’m not sure if it’s just the recent HoT dungeons along with DS, or if it’s recurring all over the place, but bosses really like to call us mortal before engaging in combat. In calling us mortal, I assume that they are inferring that they themselves are immortal? Or perhaps of something above mortality but not immortality? Or they just have nothing better to say, and that calling heroes mortals is just something you say, sort of like “hey how are you?”

Why is this?

Two that stand out are Asthmathion, the first boss in HoT and Ultraxion. “You *gaaaaaaasp* are *gaaaaaaaaasp* mortalsss * gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssp* ………………………………………………

/checks watch

*gaaaaaaaaaaaasp* now …*gasp* you should dieeeeee like one!

Then we faceroll him down to his death in 20 seconds. Yeah we’re mortals so what? Can’t you think of anything else clever to say? Like “*gaaaasp* give me back my….inhaaaaaler”


If anything, we as players are probably the most immortal things out there right along with respawning NPCs. We’re not tied to the storylines so our deaths are not permanent, and even in death we have minor control over our characters, such as walking around as a spirit. Bosses die, and they are gone forever. Ignoring the weekly resets, they’re pretty much dead and there’s no one to b-res or res them!

So here is my plea, the next time you are fighting a boss that claims how mortal we are…tell it in their face that it is us, the mortals that shall inherit Azeroth, for they should fear the Dawn of the Mortals.

Turby the Mortal

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