Weapon Collection Complete!

For reasons unknown, I agreed to queue up for the weekly DS raid finder encounter this week with a friend on…my warlock!

To prevent myself from falling asleep I chose to stay in my destruction tree, with all our dots, debuffs, banes, soulfires and soulburn buffs/debuffs/dots/nukes to watch out for, just managing an optimal rotation qualifies for a more engaging encounter than LFR.

Well we zoned in at 2/4 complete, perfect! All my buddy wanted was the Spine trinket, and all I wanted was 250 quick VP. The group was impatient and started the encounter with 20 people twice and we perserevered and waited until a more competent cycle of players came through and finished the dungeon with ease.

My intentions for this run was not “MUST FIND ALL THE WEPPENS”, but a Rathrak, the Poisonous Mind dropped and I managed to win it. What I hadn’t realized a long time ago (since my warlocking interests were meh to low) was that this dagger has the same amount of spellpower as Ti’tahk, which means equipping ANY offhand would give us more stats (less the haste proc).

We then headed into a heroic deadmines to test out this weapon, and I have to say that the poison proc is kinda nice for trash with high HP and for passive damage, it feels “right” in the hands of a warlock.

 (I equipped my scourgelord’s baton from Deathwhisper since apparently I did not have a current-content appropriate offhand (must bring my Warlock into DS this week!))

ANYWAYS, this completes my Things That Dropped Out of Deathwing’s Butt collection, sans the DPS melee weapons.

Truny The Poisonous

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