The Forgotten: Argent Tournament Mounts/Pets

Shhhh, we do not speak of the Argent Tournament openly. This was a period of time that a lot of us would gladly like to forget and stow away in the deepest darkest recesses of our memories.

In short: We don’t always fight the Lich King, but when we do, rather than combining our forces, we weed out the weak and participate in a “tournament” to find the strongest heroes to assault Icecrown Citadel.

Trashless instances aside, the argent tournament brought forth something unprecedented, and that is a SLEW of mounts and pets for collectors to grind. This tier of raiding came into existence in a patch also known as the Great Loot Rain. When “casuals could do faceroll dungeons for raid-level gear”, and this was a shift that would shape the gear-distribution structure of WoW henceforth.

I didn’t care much for mount and pet collecting back when the tournament was out, but now as we sit at the precipice of Cata looking forward to MoP, where are the most accessible pets/mounts located that do not require the God of RNG’s aid? Argent Tournament.

A couple of weeks ago I had finished grinding out my faction special mount, the Sunreaver Dragonhawk, which cost 150 champion’s marks/seals. Due to my aversion towards doing quests, I managed to do this the “long” way, and that is by only doing the “easy” quests. These “easy” quests would rake in 7/8 marks a day, rather than the full potential …12?

Quests I Would Always Do:

Chillmaw: 3 seals. Fly over to Chillmaw, MD her to my pet, multishot down her adds. Done in 15 seconds. Though it’d be nice if she spawned right in the tent so I don’t have to fly all the way over to her mountain.

Kill 15 cultists: 2 seal. They are conveniently located close to the tourney grounds, which means I don’t have to move far. 15 auto-shots and they are dead.

Free 4 Prisoners and Kul: This goes nicely with the cultist quest because they drop the keys to free the prisoners and Kul, and they are in the same area. 1 seal.

Kill Darkcaller Kharos: 1 Seal. Sometimes the crusadser quest givers give this one, and the target is usually one of the NPCs that I snipe down for the previous 2 anyways.

Quests I Would Sometimes Do:

Throw Harpoons at Krakens: Since this quest requires me to ride a slow hippogryph all the way out to sea, I tend to skip this as I do not like wasting 45 minutes on game-speed-quest-mounts. Though if I have time to kill I will do this quest, but it tends to take me 4 rounds of riding the hippogryph as I tend to get bored and go afk.

Convert 6 Heroes: This involves looting 6 crystals, then clicking some item to redeem fallen heroes in the fallen heroes area. I would sometimes do this if I felt like clicking 6 gems, then clicking a quest item 6 more times. Again this ends up taking way longer than expected as I get bored and alt-tab. Way too much effort.

Quests I Will Always Skip:

Get Shark Meat: I have to go underwater, then swim, then fly back? Swimming slows me down. No thanks.

Get Rhino/Worm Meat: I have to fly ALL the way to Storm Peaks? I might as well just fly back to Dal and log off!

Do Things On That Northern Kvaldir Island: It takes like 30 minutes to fly up there, AND I have to fly all the way back, no thank you!

Joust 4 Champions: FCK U!

Joust 3 Lieutenants: FK U!!

Capture Snobolds: uhh…fly all the way to Storm Peaks???

tl;dr: Quests suck!

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