2012 Eff-You-a-Thon: Noble Garden

Wow, another year has passed since we’ve embarked on our long strange journey of fighting over eggs in the various wow starting zones and 2012 brings to us a new mount: The Swift Springstrider (no link, go look it up yourself).

If you were involved in the Love Fest (or whatever the hell it’s called) in February, the Springstrider is a white version of the Swift Lovebird!

This mount can be found as a rare drop within the eggs that we find (I found mine after 370 or so eggs), or you can purchase it from the chocolate vendor for 500 chocolates.

That’s about the only thing that is new this year, and what I actually wanted to broadcast is my PSA for this event:

–Please note you may be playing with young children so before you swear/curse/spit at the other players who have stolen “your” eggs, please keep in mind that the eggs will continue to spawn until the end of this week!–

Turby the Patient

Ps: Because I like having something to complain about at all times, I have decided to grind eggs on a 2nd character, and that lucky character is my druid (cheetah/flight form ftw)!

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