The Destroyer’s End

Uh huh, very creative post title right there. Shush it and let me finish my story!

“So…..she’s pregnant..”

Deathwing has fallen, and as a guild we had the privilege of watching the Real Cut-scene of Deathwing’s demise. Now what’s special about this kill is not really that it’s our first kill, but rather it’s “A” kill, and as a guild group. We’ve been through painful spikes of pugging for for the past few months and this weekend was the first weekend we managed to full on get a guild group together and just tackle DS like no tomorrow. We actually managed to get to spine for the first time and 2-shot it! Sure most guilds have killed DW the 2nd week of release before the nerfs, but that’s not the point!

A big grats to Umbrella Corporation!

Now, of course this wouldn’t be a post by Truny without the rants. T13 is probably the most boring tier of raiding by far! This point is further exacerbated by the fact that I am a ranged DPS, which means I have fewer things to do than our melee counterparts.

Think back to say Marrowgar. Sure he didn’t have a lot of mechanics but he was a cool skeleton BOONE STORMER! There was also things to watch out for, fire, spikes, bones! Now let’s look at Morchok, you run to crystals, then run behind a crystal when appropriate.

Essentially other than Blackhorn and Spine, we dont’ really have to “do” anything but exist. Here’s a look at my epic summarization of the DS bosses.

Morchok: Run to Crystal if beamed. Run behind rocks.
Zonn’zonn: Stack, then run back out. Touch balls.
Yor’sahj: Kill priority: Purple, green, yellow, red, etc etc.
Hagara: Don’t die. Kill ice block.
Ultraxion: Stare at debuffs and his cast bar. (It helps that my BM “rotation” comes 2nd nature now)

Blackhorn: Kill everything, focus on sappers, help soak damage, help soak big damage, kill big drake, dodge slams and kill boss. See, this fight actually requires us to have an active mind.
Spine: Kill kill, stack, kill some more, watch for Fiery Grips, kill some more.

Madness: Kill EVERYTHING, kill blisters, burn, kill ALL the adds. Madness is special in that the first 3.5 platforms is insanely mind-numbing and boring. Imagine fighting arthas and all you had to do was run around his platform and kill various adds while he yelled mean things at you.

So now my question is, will T14 be fresh and new? It sure looks like it! It sounds like we are going back to a similar form such as T11 where we had multiple raids and they were fairly tricky at the get-go. Also, will the new heroics be as easy as the HoT heroics, or will they emulate their legendary 346 mentors?

Turby, the Noble

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