Army of the Pets: Answered via Stampede

It looks as though many of the ridiculous demands that we have raged for many years and up to several months ago have been answered. Remember this amazingly special ability I had invented back in January?

[Army of the Pets]

Focus Cost: 100

Instant Cast

Cooldown: 5 minutes. (Chance to be reduced by 3 seconds everytime your pet farts, no just kidding, everytime you use Kill Command)

In a true display of Bestial Mastery, you call upon all of your active stabled pets to ravage your foe for 25 seconds. During this time you and your pets’ damage and attack/casting speed is increased by 15% and you feel no fear or remorse and can not be stopped until ALL of you are killed. (Effect stacks with Bestial Wrath)

Weeeeellllll….. at level 87 in Mists of Pandaria, hunters finally get our fabled “Stampede” ability, which summons all 5 of our active stabled pets out for…a glorious display of fur scales and whatever else our pets are made of!


1. Will our pets “surround” our enemies, or all head towards their rear if they are not at the top of their threat table, or will they all go around, or will the top aggro pet stay in front while the others attack from behind? Will they just swarm the enemy?

2. Will we have 5 pet bars, will we still only get our “main” pet’s pet bar and the other 5 are not “controllable”?

3. Can we ride 1 pet, have the 2nd pet as our commander, a 3rd pet carry a battle standard for us and the other 2 pets be ranged dps/heals?

4. Will summoning 5 Ban’thalos’ give our sneaky rogue friends seizures?

Then we run into an issue of: Does the hunter still gain the damage bonus of this buff if they are not pet collectors? What if a hunter only HAS 3 pets total. (But why would you?)

Anyways, I must conform to the social norm and be unsatisfied with this and thus I shall request a new spell for level 92 in the next next expansion.

[Pet Lord]

Cost: 50 Focus, 10 focus every 2 seconds after. Lasts until cancelled.

The hunter is now able to call upon the symbiant bond between him and his pet to ride a pet of his choice into battle and call upon a 2nd active pet. Melee damage is increased by 50% for both the hunter and pets, and ranged damage caused is increased by 100%. Your mounted pet gains new abilities while in Cavalry Mode and movement speed is increased by 60%.

Of course now our pets can wear plate armor and be casters and heal!

Turby the Pet-ous.

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