Random Babble: New MoP LFR Looting System

To alleviate the rampant amount of rage regarding our current LFR looting system, we will be seeing a brand new “behind the scenes” looting system where perhaps everyone is a winner.

What is proposed is that instead of a bunch of random items dropping, and instead of everyone needing on whatever they can need, everyone gets a behind the scenes computer generated “roll”. If your roll qualifies as a “win”, (and that win also happens to be for gear?), then you receive an appropriate piece of gear for the spec you are currently in. Otherwise you receive gold, or nothing? This all depends as I am unsure of how this works exactly.

This depends on how the “rolls against the bosses loot tables” are determined. It depends on if the system takes a set amount of wins and distributes useful items to the winners, or if the system takes a look at everyone’s roll and if your roll qualifies as a win then perhaps it rolls again to see if it qualifies for gear, otherwise you get gold?

So my question is:

1. Does the system look at the top 4 rollers and gives them something useful, and gives everyone else money?

2. Or does the system just gives EVERYONE a chance to win gear if their generated roll is high enough?

So my questions simplified is:

1. Will we see only 4 people win gear at each boss.
2. Or will it be possible for all 25 people to win gear if their rolls are high enough?

The distinction is huge.

If they decide to do the “set number of wins” per boss, then perhaps the set amount would have to be increased from 4 like our current system, to 8? Our current system has a set of constraint that determine if you win anything or not, and that is…whatever dropped off the boss!

Firstly, loot has to randomly drop off a boss. Those are our constraints. Say 4 Gurthalaks that you will never win drop. And say there are only 4 melee in the group who can equip it. With our current system, all the melee will win one but everyone else gets shafted, however because everyone else KNOWS what has dropped they feel better about themselves because they didn’t “lose” per se. All the melee win and are happy. (With the old old system, we KNOW that the afk warrior woudl have won all 4).

So the MOP system takes away the constraining factor of what actually drops and just assigns winners, and this is where I need to know if everyone could be a possible winner or if we will have an increased amount of set winners?

Paradigm Shift.

If they decided to do the “set winners”, I can already predict that what we will see is that EVEN THOUGH the lowest dps/heals did not “steal” your item, they will still most likely always be ones with the winning rolls. The system would assign them the win every time, as it kind of does now, but towards what we already know has dropped. This kinda defeats the purpose doesn’t it?

This does not make sense, which makes me think that they are going to implement the “everyone has a smaller chance of winning something” per boss type roll. So only rarely will we see upwards of 10 people win gear, but you know that despite that the afk warrior had a win, his win didn’t remove your win from the pool of total possible wins.

Does this all make sense? Yes it does!

Not only do we need to remove the randomness of gear, the ultimate goal is probably to remove the RAGE associated with the interactions of other players. To achieve ultimate “fairness”, everyone would have to have an equal chance of winning something without their chance being affected or dimished by someone else, which puts the “set winners” out of the question. Right?

Anyhow, perhaps my warrior will utilize this new system next year to win the Gurthalaks that he’ll never use!

Cheers out! (Peace is too mainstream)

Turby the Lootable

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