Various Grindables: Dark War Talbuk

Truny what’s with all the dumb mount posts?

Well, what else am I supposed to talk about?

“Finally a screenshot in Deepholm and not Storm Peaks!”

  How I Grinded This:

-Kill Ally friend 100 times for 100 Battle Tokens.
-Grinded Oshu’gun powders on the mobs around Oshu’gun mountain. I had changed my grinding spot from Twilight Ridge, to Sunspring Post, and finally settling at Oshu’gun. It FELT like the more I killed the more the dust would drop around the mountain, and if I left to do something the drop-rate would go back to a dismally low rate. Or maybe that was just me. 200 dusts turned in to Research Tokens and VOILA! A Mount of Grindability!

Well, with MoP on the horizon, I need a nice ground mount to explore the LANDS of Pandaria with. A spectral sabre is currently out of the question as $700 can be put to better use…for now.

Turby the Grinder

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