Secret Favourite Mount: Blue Proto-Drake

“Rawr I’m blue and stuff!”

 Oh gosh, here he goes again with his stupid mount posts! Well…yeah so….shush it!

Once upon a time, Turny the peaceful druid queued for a random Northrend heroic and got placed in Utgarde Pinnacle. Upon his slaughter of the dreadful vrykul Skadi di Dadi, Turny’s group of brave adventerers and comrades found upon his mangled corpse an extra item. A small blue proto-whelp. The little whelp was small and weak and needed time to grow.

The gallant team rolled their dice over Skadi’s corpse and Turny had the highest roll and took this little whelp under his care. The whelp grew very slowly and rarely got the opportunity to go out and play. He would eat off what little scraps Turny would find, being a healer/tank Turny did not need any food except for the occasional daily fluid intake. Also being a strong indepenent druid, Turny refused to use mounts and would rather bear his own weight with his own wings via instant-flight form. Turny was also really impatient and could not bear the 1.5 second cast time to summon a mount.

“I r storng!”

After Deathwing shattered the world, suddenly all of the arms and clothing in the world granted over FIVE TIMES the stats and stamina, and Turny’s hunter friend Turby found it insanely easy to sneak up into Skadi’s room and slaughter him in less than 2 minutes 30 seconds. Alas his corpse had always been empty save for the usual blue gear he carried with him. Turny on the other hand had found that his little blue whelp had grown up to be “big and storng 4 fite” just like him and had become a frightfully beautiful mount.

TLDR: I found the blue proto drake, my hunter has been solo’ing Skadi to no avail, but my druid already has it and it’s really pretty. The end.

Turny the Blue Proto Drake Tamer

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