How Windy of You to Join Us!

Turby and his Storm drake in Storm Peaks, …. get it?

Many many many months ago when we were all fumbling around Tol’barad when that faction’s 359 trinkets were still relevant I told myself “screw it I’ll get the 200 mark drake later”. Well, I abandoned that silly island for over half a year and came back to finish what I started.

I never thought much about the storm drakes, several months into the expansion everyone and their dog had this mount and it was just kinda “meh”, it looks boring. However, as you can see the storm drakes are kinda nice with their electricy neony look.

But, what’s the story behind the storm drakes? (Lemme go google ’em real fast right now). How amazing is that? From between that period and the capital H, five minutes had elapsed in my time but you just read it as if nothing happened!!

Anyways, I have discovered no lore surrounding the storm and stone dragons. Well, I am first going to assume that Al’akir has something to do with the storm dragons, perhaps his power had influenced some stray dragons turning them all electrical and stormy.

Now how did our Tol’barad factions get their slimy hands on an entire fleet of these dragons, and yet they just hand them out as mounts? Why can’t we use them against the fight with Deathwing? We could ride our dragons onto his spine and give him a spinal shock!

So, what are your thoughts on the storm dragons? Just another mount? Just another “Hey look this is wow and we have dragons so here are some new dragons?”

Turby the Stormy

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