Bruny and the Magical 372

My angry little warrior has it good with the gearing game, he only had to do one single “regular” heroic before stepping foot into the “easy” (hout of twilight) heroics. On top of that, he’s found many upgrades including off-spec pieces from just having to do 4.5 of the normal heroics (got throw into a half finished WOE).

My two other melee alts are seething in bitter hate towards my warrior. Why? Well, let’s just take a look:

First End Time: Tauren Chieftan’s axe is won. First run. My DK has been complaining forever about the lack of 378 upgrades. Oh well, my warrior has now fulfilled his purpose!

First HoT: The carapace shield drops. Tank already has it, I win it. My paladin has been bitching about this shield for the lack of -any- shield drops. Oh well, my warrior has now replaced my paladin as tank. (I also won an offspec tanking one-hander in WOE as well)

LFR Fun: My first LFR experience on my warrior didn’t go as well as I had expected. So apparently we can now queue for Madness without having the first four bosses down? And apparently the raid finder automatically ports you into the instance without having to click “accept”?

My plan was to queue for LFR, which had a 12 minute wait for DPS and decided to go take a shower and most likely the queue would be ready when I was done. I go do my thing, come back and find that my surroundings have changed and my corpse is now upon Ysera’s platform while 24 strangers are off on Alex’s platform. Wait what? I was going to leave to show that I wouldn’t roll on anything that dropped cause I was essentially GONE for 60% of the fight, but a nice druid battle-ressed me on his way to the last platform and luckily no melee items dropped, because as the Law states, I would have won everything for my 2.3% damage contribution.

Bruny the Magical Warrior

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