End Game: The World is at my Limited Fingertips

Bruny is finally level 85! I accomplished a simple goal that accompanied my angry little warrior’s levelling progress, and that was to fully do the Deepholm quests and get noticed by Therazane. Upon finally defeating Lorthuna I was sitting at level 84, 90% to ding or about 1M experience to go. I finished it off by doing the first few quests of Uldum, which also opened up the Uldum portal to boot.

Now that I am 85, I have “so much” opened to me. Regular heroics, HoT faceroll heroics, T11 and T12 raids, LFR just around the corner, and many transmog soloing runs. My intention now is to run enough regular heroics until I have acquired enough JP to buy one new piece of gear, and hopefully by then I would have picked up enough upgrades along the way to not suck in the HoT heroics. It’d be really nice to see fights that last more than 30 seconds to fully test out the potential of Fury dps!

I shall report back, not that anyone cares!

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