Finally a New Look!

And…Ta-da! As I have promised many many months ago to renew my banner is done!

*Bow down before my amazing MS Paint skills*

You are now graced with the images of Truny, Turby, and Turny from left to right in all of their current glory. Oh no reader, each of their appearances has a special meaning behind them!

*Makes some shit up real fast*

Truny: Ahh my long forgotten Warlock, my favourite all the way up until the adolescence of T11. You can see her donning her famous every-warlock-wears-this-crap tier with her current T13 tentacle face helm, which I adore. She is backed by the Dark Portal itself, as I thought to myself what is the most demony thing I could think of (and it was close to the city portals…)

Turby + Puppy: Turby and Puppy are models for nostalgia. Turby poses in his transmogged noob gear with his very first and oldest Devilsaur and he dons his invisible “Explorer” title. Puppy has tanked the Lich King amongst other heroic and suicidal jiggery (yes, that is a word though I’m probably using it in the wrong context bahaha).

Turny: Turny is my famous Restless Tree and he is ANGRY. He has donned his Tree of Life form and, while standing strong atop the World Tree roars across the cosmos in a furious rage lined with the tiniest bit of sadness that his form only lasts for 30 seconds.

There Shall be a Fourth

I have two toons vying for the spot of “Fourth Main” right now and that is my warrior or deathknight. As I say time and time and time again, melee are silly, but I have had great fun blood tanking and also tanking in general. In terms of DPSing, Fury seems a bit more on the ret side of whack-a-mole proccy than the button spammy frost DKS…so we shall see. And also it boils down to who looks better in transmog.

Truny the New Look Same BS

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