Stop Forcing My Alts to do Holiday Events!

Yeah I’m talking about YOU Lunar lantern pet and Swift Lovebird! I’ve played the meta-game two or three times already and now you want me to grind tokens for these “brand new” collector’s items all over again?

After what was done to the Sprite Darter Hatchling, I had to grasp every opportunity to obtain the “easily obtainable” obtainables such as Pebbles and the 2nd Jouster, Argent Tourney pets/mounts.

Now we have “new” collector’s items which are great for new players, because for them, this event starts off with many more collectibles! I know the new items are BOE and all but…I need FOUR of each, which means I’ll have to send some non-important alts out to get some free achieves to donate their earnings! Speaking of which I’ve been procrastinating doing any Lunar elder hunting since the event started…perhaps I shall start….one day….

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