Warrior on the Way

His name is Bruny. Yes, m character names are unique and my propensity for nameage is beyond your wildest imagination.

As is the sad and dreary story of all my sub-alts, Bruny grew up as a single role warrior until he hit his Outlands Wall. I learned the intricacies of tanking and positioning with this toon, and the fact that being in absolute melee range was a requirement for success. This is opposed to my druid tank who I had at max level who would just spam swipe and maul in the Wrathful days.

Bruny sat at level 65 for about a year being my banker/storage alt. Melee was totally silly. He would tank the occasional random BC dungeon but other than that he was rather sheltered, never even seen the sky in Nagrand.

Then of course transmog came along and I needed a character who can equip all the pretty items and actually put them to good use and with my amazing deduction skills it came down to my warrior. The problem was, now I needed to level him and his off-spec was focused in the Arms tree. Dilemma time! I had to choose between arms or fury, blade-storm or titan’s grip. I chose titan’s grip. To hold more transmogged weapons.

Dont’ look at me like that!

Again, I had tried out fury back in the mid 60s and for those who have played fury you’ll probably be able to relate with my frustration when things died so fast I couldn’t even get off enough hits to generate rage! I was tempted to stay arms with it’s very consistent damage and rotation, however I stuck with fury and I am enjoying it. I see my warrior as very angry all the time, as am I!

Bruny is now 82 and smashing his way through Deepholm. He will be the 2nd toon in which I will actually quest straight through to the end without losing focus and wandering off once I ding 83. The benefit of course are the shoulder enchants from Therazane and Co.

So yeah, that’s it.

Bruny the Warrior

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