Basic Laws of LFR

Don’t mind me I am just here to vent my bitterness for this week’s LFR Adventures.

As LFR is in a different realm than “normal” raiding, I will place it in the same dimension as LFD and this means anonymity and also the Loot Laws take effect.

The general rule is: The lower your performance relative to others, the higher chance of you winning items that you are not able to utilize properly. I have come to the point of not even looking in my bags after rolling for items but rather I would first check my little recount box and immediately scroll down to the bottom to see which people are at the bottom of the dps list. (I keep it scrolled down when I’m on my Pally sadly). Usually the bottom 4 will have won everything. Then I will tab over to the healing list and look at who was afk healing, and they usually win all the stuff, most likely for an offspec at that.

Here are just some of my personal experiences with this law taking effect. And the exceptions to prove just how crazy I am.

1. Deathwing. Warrior. 16th place in DPS. Wins both Gurthalak, Voice of the Deeps. He did 19k.
2. Deathwing. I rolled the highest roll for Souldrinker, however someone else tied me. Of course, they won since they did less damage than my ret paladin.
3. Deathwing. I was Feral Druid spec on Deathwing, Ti’tahk drops, I roll. I am specced for tanking, not kitty I was #13 on dps. Guess who won? I did. (I kept it and used it as boomkin for a while)
4. My hunter’s chest, arms, ring, trinket, and weapon pieces were not actually won by me but my other hunter friend who does significantly less damage than me won them all for me. He usually ranked 10-14.


Now of course I am just being bitter for not winning EVERYTHING EVERY time I am one of my many toons but the rule tends to hold true for low performers. However there’s always the scary exceptions and those always feel awesome.

1. First time in LFR I won both my Helm and Legs. Not exactly which 2 but 2P T13 on one boss. However this was in the glory weeks when LFR was fresh and new and bitter-free.
2. I won Souldrinker on my DK but gave it away because DPS DK is silly.
3. I won Maw of the Dragonlord on my druid and he’s using it to good effect even right now.
4. My priest won Ti’tahk Steps of Time yesterday but I gave it away as I never play my priest and Shadow is just silly.

What Am I Really Trying to Say?

LFR is a great tool, especially for people like me who have many toons and only do “real” raiding once a week on one toon and even then that once a week is tentative due to real life schedules trumping sitting in front of Deathwing’s minions. Also it looks like the best way to win loot is to underperform…is Blizzard trying to tell us something here?

Ignore the Bitter

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