Alt Updates 2012!

Wow I haven’t done one of these since the days of Gearscore *Shudder*.

The new gs of today is of course ilvl, and I’d have to say it’s been a fairly good indicator of what is or is not an upgrade, a higher ilvl, probably better, reforge stats, boom!

I like to use this comparison amongst all my toons and alts as a really quick way to gauge their “progression”. So enough talk, let’s take a look at my six mains and their “equipped” levels. (Of course I logged out on half of them in their 2nd spec….)

1. Turby – Hunter: 387
2. Turny – Druid 383
3. Truby – Paladin 381 (What the heck how did my pally catch up to everyone in a single week?)
4. Truny – Warlock 380 (What happened to my warlock???)
5. Klupty – DK 379 (I’ve been playing him the most, but he’s also been seeing 0 upgrades)
6. Husbrus – Priest 372 (I pretty much stopp

Hmm while we’re here let’s take a look at their achievement points!

1. Turby – 9630
2. Truny – 6985
3. Turny – 4445
4. Klupty – 2770
5. Husbrus – 2480
6. Truby – 2210

Well that was boring for you to read, but this provides me with a snapshop of today! Laters!

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