"FIxing" Hunter DPS 4.3.2

As we finish rejoicing in the slight DPS buffs coming to us in 4.3.2, I’ve decided that perhaps hunters need an even better edge against people with Tarecgosa. It is true that I have found it ridiculous that someone who happened to have grinded out a staff for 6 months could even come close to my damage! It’s not fair! (Though in all fairness this has only happened twice, and I was in reg FL gear and they were in full heroic, but it’s those two times I will never forget the time I LOST!)

Practical Recommendations (Uh huh)

1. Pet Pets. Our pets have been our fierce and loyal companions since the beginning of time, for years on end. Over the duration of their arduous journey of being off-tanks or support, they have developed their own sagely bestial skills. Our pets are now able to command sub-ordimate pets. They are the general, and they can now recruit a lieutenant. The lieutenant pet mirrors our pets abilities however only does 75% of their damage. This should be fair. Currently my BM pet does about 12K in DS. An addition 8k should give us an edge on anyone with Tarecgosa.

2. Two active pets. Think Shaman’s ghost wolf mechanics. The 2nd pet would do 75% of the first pet and would respond to kill command. It isn’t too hard to manage two pets.

What the Actual Changes Were

Oh yes, the actual changes were….a 35% to the AP bonus to AotH, Black Arrow ticks every 2 sec instead of 3, which is great since I’ve found firing it felt pretty useless. And the most important change, which will persuade me to use SV more is the Lock n Load dilemma that we’ve had for the past few months. Arcane shot will no longer be part of lock n load nor will it eat up it’s effect. This is a great change since everytime LnL procced my pacing would be thrown off since naturally after an ES I would automatically AS to utilize every single second of a fight, however because it would eat LnL I would either have to switch to CS or wait depending on movement.

So when this patch hits I shall report back! Right now I’ll be sticking to BM!

Turby the Hunter

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