Truby the Ret Paladin: Reporting In

Hey wait one minute, we thought you had quit your ret pally and switched to your arms warrior for the time being?

Well, yeah..I kind of did. Bruny the warrior is 69 and is sitting around patiently waiting to be ran through each of the Northrend dungeons in succession hoping to speed level to 80 in the same manner as my rogue. However, I got bored and decided to queue as a tank on my paladin to get the Sack of Sometimes Has a Pet/Mount/Flask/Gem and I ended up in End Time and won a 378 axe. Yes, the axe that my DK has been crying about never even seeing my paladin wins it as an offspec.

So hence my upgrade from a 316 weapon to a 378 weapon convinced me to finish up the 5-7th bosses of the LFR DS. (I actually put an enchant on it this time).

I did fairly “bad” on Ultraxion, I pushed just over 15k, which I GUESS is okay considering all I had that was DPS was my shoes/bracers/weapon, I had no trinkets whatsoever. Actually now that I think of it that initial group was bad, I was 10th in damage with my pure tank gear!

The group removed the lowest performers, the ones doing 10k (come on, if even I can do 15k…) and we one shotted the subsequent bosses.

Now as the loot rules go, as predetermined by the Karma Gods, the poorer your performance the higher chance you have at winning rolls. So it seems. I managed to win a ring, and also from what I reckon one of the BiS non-heroic trinkets. Gah! At least the T13 shoulders that I wasted now have “friends in higher places” now. However, I will not stop until I have replaced my entire tanking set since I think I have settled in onto the pace of the ret-ness.

This is probably the ONE class where I feel I need an addon to help me keep track of buffs. The two most important ones are:

1. Inquisition
2. Divine Purpose

I need to know exactly how long my Inquisition buff is, since it will buff my censure, which is a large part of my damage (the other holy abilities are meh) and also when to refresh it and also to prepare to refresh it.

Then there is our “free ability” procced from Divine Purpose. Keeping track of Inquisition and knowing when this puppy procs lets me know if I should use it on Inq or if I will just TV it out for massive damage (well not really yet). Luckily my fancy schmany UI came with some interesting aura/power trackers that I never ever used and turned ’em on!

I can see the T13 2P bonus, where Judgement generates a HP as a very very useful set bonus, even though Judgement does wet ribbon damage, it’s something to look forward to as it generates our main resource. Now that I think of it this was probably added in as a last minute “fix” to cover up how sloppy the class is rather than a legitimate “tier bonus” if you get my drift. Perhaps in the future there is a 2nd ability that generates HP alongside CS. Oh well.

I shall report back after more testing. (See, takes only 15 minutes to test a character out in PVE…)

Truby the Ret

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