Boycott on the Warlock

It’s quite sad seeing this blog shift slowly from a Demonology blog to a general Gaggle of Alts haven, but I think I know why I’ve been straying away from my warlock over the months.

Remember the whole Fel Armor fiasco, where it was changed to no longer heal us passively? I got over that. It is because of our demons! I still fancy the glory days when we could proudly bring our felguard into single target encounters and not even bat an eyelash err eye lid..uhh twitch something in the general eye area towards our other demons save for our blueberry for emergency shields. Nowadays it’s all about demon juggling and hey I signed up to be a warlock, not a juggler! The demon soul of our spec for our “pet” pretty much goes unused in favour of a different pet for a different spec which trumps our “supposed” pet. Did that make sense? Warlocks would get it.

Am I sounding too entitled, that I didn’t get my way? Maybe. Perhaps the mechanics of how we summon demons could be refined. Soul shards were pretty unimpressive. Sure it opened up 36 bag slots for me, but when do I really ever use it other than to re-summon or summon a demon or use it to power up my seed of corruptions two times in an entire dungeon? If we truly are the masters of demons, let us either have two out at a time, or perhaps we summon them out instantly off the GCD, much like changing presences/stances.

Don’t get me wrong I am quite attached to my felpuppy, he serves me well but everytime I use my one viable cooldown I feel a bit ripped off that I am using it to power up my two dots rather than my nuking capabilities as per the spec.

Demonology was the spec in which I started raiding and became an “actual” “raider” as in ICC. Sure this was 6 years later than most people and isn’t a “legit” argument since I didn’t get to see the AQ gates, but that’s all I have to work with.

And even if you don’t min/max, the difference between the 2 pets from what my last testing back in T12 was 3-4 THOUSAND dps. Just for switching pets, nothing special.

Speaking of which oh god why am I bolded and italicized….oh well, speaking of raiding I have thought of a better post so goodbye!

Truny the Italicized

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