LFR: Broken Law

After re-expressing my dismay for my favourite demonology spec I had decided to go home and try out my once long-term spec of destruction. I had a good feeling for destruction because I saw a warlock who was only 10 ilvls higher than my hunter out dps him on Alizabel, which got me thinking that warlocks are still a force to be reckoned with!

I went in, respecced, reglyphed and flew to the training dummy. Everything felt the same save for the inclusion of corruption and having to maintain the ISF buff that we’ve been hearing about. Then I queued into LFR.

I did alright on Ultraxion (though this was before I realized I didn’t use my Imp glyph seeing how strong his fireballs hit for) and nothing useful dropped, which is alright.

Next fight was Lootship 2.0 and two of the tier helms dropped. I automatically scrolled down to the lowest pally/priest heal/dps and secretly congratulated them and lo and behold they won. HOWEVER, I also won! I think the law gets broken when there is a certain limit to how many people are actually rolling, as I was pretty much the only caster in there save for a couple elemental shamans.

Spine of Deathwing is always entertaining, in that I pretty much stand around and do nothing except lightly attack the bloods if they live long enough and come back when deathwing’s tendon becomes exposed. Now I’m not sure how the rule worked for this fight, since I won the “perpetual 780 INT” trinket. I did very little, only killing the add when it was fully stacked and killing the tendon, and helping on bloods. My overall damage was low,(I know the game doesn’t know our dps but shush) but I was doing everything “correctly”, though I was “inactive” for most of the fight, cause really there’s nothing to do save for the 2 gcds you can get in on bloods. Perhaps again I was the only caster?

Anyhow, I am very happy with my Tentacle Face helmet, which totally clashes with my set!

Truny the Law Breaker

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