Reminisce – Lightning Nova

Most new players will have no idea what I am talking about now right? There could be a chance in the revamped Northrend levelling process that a player won’t even get to see Halls of Lightning pop up in their instant dungeon-finder.

I was a relatively “new” player to wow, only having started several weeks after the WotLK release and hype.

Loken was serious business before T8s came rolling out. Before non-raiders like me could even obtain “real” epics (ilvl 213s were serious business), this was when we had to position properly due to his electric aura pulsing and his deadly Lightning Nova. This separated the goods from the bads and also holds a certain amount of nostalgia in it.

With our gear being inflated every expansion, it allows us to go and visit old content and clear it most of the time solo if you are a sturdy class or a hunter. It’s nice but you never get to “experience” it when it was hard. Does anyone here remember Loken taking MORE than 30 seconds to kill? Does anyone even know that standing farther away means taking more of his pulse, and standing closer means less but it means you have to be quicker to run away?

This is a sad. We run “old content”, and blast through ’em but I have not personally felt this same nostalgic difficulty of the past. Say for example Teron Gorefiend, I don’t even know what his phases are if any. The only boss in which I HAVE seen all the phases was Illidan back at pre Ulduar level 80 with a small group. He actually turned into a demon and started killing people off and we had to use a warlock tank or something or other.

But anyways, remember the Lightning Nova!


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