Traitor to the Horde

Bah it’s not like anyone reads this anyways! This is going to be a Star Wars post!!

I joined this game in secret about a week and a half back and I am having a blast on my Republic Vanguard Turby. I’ve had a small revelation with this game, and yes I call it a game…well, it feels like..a game! Hear me out, having been on Azeroth for so many years WoW began to feel more like a job, chores rather than a “game”. For a good time it was pretty much a meta-game, where we played by the Achievements. Mount collecting, pet collecting, achievement hunting. It was just our character in a world in which we had exhausted 99% of the content already just sitting around doing nothing.

SWTOR feels like a game. Each class has a unique story, rather than just having different race starting zones where all Undead go to one spot and so on and so forth. Imagine your warlock starting off in a small cult and then slowly working her way up to malevolence and grandeur. It wouldn’t follow the WOW storyline but it could definitely flow in conjunction with it. Aka story quests and sidequests and zone quests.

I guess since I’m still at the levelling stage there’s a lot to “do”. There are mods to be found, dungeons (Flashpoints) to be run, planets to explore, Starship upgrades to acquire, companions to suck up to, schematics to discover. The personal story line is really really ..personal. Y’know how we kind of wanted a 1 player game like Skyrim to have others in it? Well SWTOR kinda feels like that, though its annoying when people don’t want to group with you for a quest boss and you have to stand around for what feels like an eternity waiting for it to respawn only for someone to steal it from under your blaster rifle.

I’m still on wow, my DK and Paladin are next in line to gearing up and are closing in on the 375 benchmark but then again the only thing to “do” on WOW now is raiding dragon soul…and I’m already kind of bored of the LFR version.

Turby the Vanguard

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