LFR Shenannigans

Yesterday was still a holiday for us in lieu of Boxing Day and so we queued up early into the LFR rage machine.

Two different stories. Our Siege of Wyrmrest was full of hate, rage, and contempt. So like every other group out there. We had a small group who were ninja pulling the bosses and people rolling on tokens they didn’t need and holding them hostage. Though none of us gave them the pleasure of our attention and went home tokenless.

We were still kind of shocked at how rude some people can be or perhaps they were just a pre-made group out to spread malice and trollocity (that is a word), but seriously I think there should be a way to just punch someone in the teeth through computer screens. Then I’ll break their fingers and apologize profusely because I’m Canadian.

We then queued for the last four bosses and….holy crap the drakes on Ultraxion were taunted down ASAP, everyone but 3 people clicked their buttons, EVERYONE stacked on twilight purple thing without being told, EVERYONE only killed one tentacle and didn’t go balls to the walls DPS and we one shotted deathwing without even having to use a single battle res. Though my DK and his very horrible frost-dps did very horrible didn’t end up with a single upgrade (that rule still implies, the worst performers win everything), the smooth run made up for it. It was the season of giving for my little undead, our resident mage won a helm token and to help him finish his 2 piece I gave up my legs from the earlier Siege of Ragerest Temple and I had half-assedly rolled on the blood sipper sword and won from Deathwing but decided that frost is just way too boring and that a friendly paladin tank could make much more use of it than me.

tl;dr: The LFR grouping gods do exist, and one day you may get that one perfect group!

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