Wonderful Friends: Trinkets

We all have and use and seek out powerful trinkets to aid us in downing the various baddies of Azeroth, but have we ever stopped and thought about what exactly these trinkets are?

Trinkets are probably some of the most powerful “things” out there. Think about the Darkmoone cards, a simple card that increases your stats significantly and some of them also have great magical bonuses or even a damage componenet. Do we carry these cards in our pockets or do we hold them out front and centre in battle so their effects could be utilized?

There are typicall three characteristics of trinkets:

Static Stats: Be it a straight up stamina/agi/int bonus, just by holding this item increases your personal power.

On Equip Effects: Be it a haste/mastery/spell/summoning proc, these trinkets somehow symbiotically link themselves to the user and react upon the user’s actions when in combat.

On Use Effect: These trinkets grant us further bonuses however we must “activate” them. How do we activate them? I can imagine we crack them open or perhaps tap them three times, or maybe they are clap activated? Voice activated?

Real Life Trinkets:

1. Watch – On Use: Tell the time. +538 hit.
2. Lucky Charm – No Real Effect.
3. Mobile Phone – On Equip: Chance to make noises.

Real Life Trinkets That Resemble WoW Trinkets:

1. Lighter: On Use: Do 5 Fire Damage.
2. Headphones. On Use: Chance to absorb 100% of all sound until cancelled.

Okay I don’t even know what the hell I was talking about anymore so I’m just going to end this post. Goodbye!

Truny and Trinkets?

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