Nerf X Class! Rage!

That’s pretty much my reaction to everything that happens in battlegrounds. Why am I talking about PVP? Well, this is due to that “My Little Helpers Helped Me Do Something Kill 50 People As A Gnome” achievement that I had finished up a couple days ago and I saw how very very useful the hunter T13 2-piece bonus is for the extra focus. But anyways:

“Nerf dks! They are MOVING! And they attack!”
“Nerf mages! Seriously, ice block? Nerf ice block! It makes you totally invincible that is totally unfair! Frost nova AND a pet freeze? So I have to hope that they use BOTH of these on me before I break out of ’em and just eat their weak frostbolts?”
“Nerf warlocks! They have too many dots, how am I supposed to get rid of them??”
“Nerf rogues! Stealth is too OP, nerf stealth!”
“Nerf hunters! Who the heck is allowed to attack to powerfully at ranged??” (Yes, all classes get treated fairly who attack me)
“Nerf druids! They don’t really pose that much of a threat but I am attacking them so just nerf them so they die faster!”
“Nerf priests! Absorbs and totally immune to every single type of damage and a fear and slow built into every single attack that they have? They are immortal!”
“Nerf warriors! Let me be able to kite them even easier! They shouldn’t be able to hit me with their weapons wtf?
“Nerf pallies! Their attacks are too shiny and seriously, after bubble wears off they end up dying anyways!”
“Nerf shamans!” Their totems are too useful and I want a chain lightning effect, it’s too cool, nerf its coolness!”

Though in all honesty, with a hunter who knows what they’re doing, and say that minimum range gets removed…hunters will be honestly OP as hell. Maybe let our attacks only do 75% damage in the deadzone? Or 100%, whatever, up to you! I look forward to finally FINALLY completing the Violet Protodrake achieve next year as my last last last achievement is “School of Hard Knocks”, which I had avoided like the Violet Plague due to the pvp “things” that I had to do.

P.S. Is it just me or do we all feel that our pets need their own “Master’s Call”, which breaks US from our roots to free THEM? Would that be too OP? Well it won’t be until it’s used against my non-existant frost-mage!

Turby the Nerfed

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