Ridiculous Idea: Play Melee

I think it’s the Christmas spirit getting to me that I’ve been having these wild and wacky thoughts all day: that I would level up and play some sort of melee dps. Say what?

I already have my DK, if it were any of my toons all he needs is a few pieces of gear and he’d be able to run LFR and test out the amazing fun that is Frost. I find playing Frost to be highly hypnotic. The potential is there to absolutely dominate on the charts but one thing I found was that it was very very boring. The first few minutes of playing is nice when all your attacks crit and what not, but…yeah no. Essentially all you do is position yourself, then stare at your three buttons, and whichever (is that a word?) lights up, you press it. Of course you have to mind your focus but that doesn’t take a lot of brain power. Frost to me is at the point of just pushing buttons to churn out numbers, rather than being an ice cold frosty blade wielding frost..wielder..of..DOOM….

Next! My next highest melee-able character is my pally. She is 75% into level 84 and is currently a tank/healer. I remember being ret once and it was an absolutely horrendous experience. Perhaps one should never ever ever try out a dps spec with the mindset of being super efficient any time before level 85. Things just die too damn fast! Nonetheless in the at most 8 seconds for boss fights, I did top the meters as ret, with what little optimization that I could do but it didn’t feel very…fulfilling. You know you are potentially a very good “dps player” when you can out-dps low level tanks. That’s the standard I put myself up to. Yes, I’ve done this..even with a boomkin! Anyways, enough useless bragging. Do I want to give up tanking or healing to become clunky? Well I did see some ret pallies do very well in some of the LFR bosses….but they were probably heroic geared already…so no!

Next up is my rogue. I had a dream I was having fun playing my rogue. WTF? Again as combat/subtlety I can top the charts in the non-important level 72 dungeons that my rogue does, but in everyday use…rogues are horrible for questing. I tried out the assassination tree and OH MY is that clunky as ever or am I missing something? Makes retribution look playable!  Subtlety is fun in the sense you get to sneak around but if your ambush doesn’t crit then you’ll spend the next ten minutes trying to out live your quest mob. Combat…ah combat, everyone and their rogue dog is combat and while it’s made for teh fite, I don’t think it feels very rogue-like..more akin to a nimble warrior. Or a clumsy ninja. Anyways, any class where I have to “keep up” some useless ability like savage roar or the rogue thing where it makes you attack faster….no thanks I’d prefer to be always attacking rather than waste my combo points thank you. (Aka I’m lazy)

So essentially if I were to have an optimal melee dps, it would be my DK. However…too boring. What happened to the days when we had to setup our diseases then mind our blood strike and watch our unholy/frost rune combos then either proc some death runes or wait for more blood runes or trigger certain combinations?

tl;dr: With my DK, I’m too busy watching my action bar, rather than the game. With my other characters, I can watch TV while playing the game.

*Update: I came to my sense, I’ll stick with Prot/Holy on my Paladin

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