I was working on some of the pre-Christmas time doable achievements for Merrymaker yesterday, and I realized I had eaten my fruit-cake that is required for [‘Tis the Season]. Oops! From reading the forums, from back in 2008, it sounds like we are able to get more from the gifts after the 25th? Or we randomly get presents in the mail? I don’t really remember as I rescued Metzen’ on four different characters, all receiving random packages which I promptly threw away the useless space-wasting contents. Honestly, what does one do when seeing random junk/food? Throw it away or eat it!

See, when I receive a present, I expect a gift, not low level food. If only I had read through ALL the metas required for Merrymaker. If only the food had been useful, like giving us a special +120 stats, I would have saved them. My toons only eat one single food and that is the Seafood Feast (yes, when I put one down it’s cause my food buff ran out not because I’m sharing but….ah crap now everyone knows my secret).

Now I’m not sure if I had received the “Extra Special” gift box that has 20 fruitcakes in it, I may have thrown them all out….or maybe I hadn’t….oh well!

Turby the Fruitcake Destroyer

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