Don’t Worry About Me, Worry About Downing the Boss

Sadly I’m going to be a bitch and rat out this hunter in what I would like to call the: We Couldn’t Kill Deathwing Drama.

Ok so it wasn’t actually that dramatic really. It was an unlucky week for my warlock, no upgrades, but at least she received 500 VP (low standards always works). I needed to do the last 3 bosses in LFR and queued my happy ass in there and everything went smoothly up until Madness. Now when an affliction warlock tops the charts even before anything goes below 25%, you’ve got problems. I was the only one doing over 45k at this point and of course we did not manage to kill dw’s tentacles while killing blisterings faster than he could cast Cataclysm. Three times. Group leaves and reforms and we notice one hunter doing something to the tune of 13k dps. Or was it 15k? Regardless, so low that it’s almost not possible unless you actually stop your auto-attacking given all the buffs we get during the encounter.

What I hope was happening behind that computer was someone tabbed out watching the encounter. And not porn. Or dying of a heart attack. He was discovered and a minor discussion ensued about how one could possibly do such low damage. Perhaps he had a really really poor system that rendered all actions useless, perhaps lag spiked to 7,000. Perhaps his dog jumped onto his face during the encounter, knocking everything over. Anyways, they had no excuse except telling us to worry about downing the boss rather than his dps.

True. Very true. We shouldn’t be SO judgemental of others. HOWEVER, one key component to actually downing the boss requires everyone to at least be TRYING. At least make your contribution count. At least do more than the tank. (The tank was 9th on the meters in this group, that’s how tight we were). At least try to push steady shot more than 2 (or was it 5) times during the encounter? Please? At least TRY, don’t get carried, especially not through such brainlessly simple and mind-numbing encounters such as they are exhibited in LFR. Don’t even use that as your reason for slacking, just because it is so easy you feel you are able to slack. No it doesn’t work like that. Perhaps the top 5 DPS’ers might slack and miss a global cooldown (or not use Demon Soul) or skip a potion, however, they’re still probably doing pretty damn good and no one would even notice.

Regardless of the reason for such underperformance, and how you judge us judging your performance, it just wasn’t enough. If there was any external reason preventing you from performing “well”, maybe then uhh…don’t play? I mean, really, I’m not nerd-raging here, I’m not telling you to know your buttons 100% and that I know my buttons 100% but really they’re just buttons….push them??

So a magic vote-kick appeared and alas, our group of 25 became 24. One less friend and adventurer. I did lament the fact that had he stayed, our other 2/3 well performing hunters would have lost both the Kiril, Staff of Viagra and Vishanka, Does a Dot to him. And guess what? We downed DW (after some more low dps left), and both those items dropped! Congratulations again. And yes, had he stayed, our 13k dps would probably have won both those items. Unless he already had them and felt too good to perform….uhhh….

Truny the Not Worrying

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