Turny the Dancing Moonkin

Feral. I tried it, didn’t like it, and therefore I am now a Moonkin. My bear 4 teh fite and kitty days are over. Well not really, I have a 2nd druid. Turny is now my “mana using” druid, part time heals, part time ranged DPS.

Being melee, running around, waiting for energy to replenish, keeping up stacks of various useless buffs which are actually useful (savage roar, mangle, bleeds), I just don’t like the style of WoW melee in end-game PVE. There’s a difference between dungeons and just regular questing and prowling around. Melee is quite fun in just “normal” everyday questing and killing. I really hope Monks will be designed as just pure throughput melee, rather than what we currently have “keep up buffs, and keep up bleeds”. Of course if a class had too much oomph, it would be unbalanced for PVP. Blah who cares about PVP! Like I’ve suggested a thousadnieith times over: Create a generic PVP based talent tree or profile for all toons, which promote balance, but let us have our crazy PVE cooldowns!

So anyways, back on track now. I queued as a feral kitty for the LFR excitement and managed to pull in 18-20ish K, fairly suboptimal in my ACTUALLY 369 feral set. Luckily my healing set in my bags allowed me to queue bahaha! I was 6-10th in damage, which is usually unheard of on my hunter/warlock, but it was still “okay”. This tells me two things, either I know what I’m doing regardless of gear, or we have people in there who really don’t know what they’re doing, or they were lagging, or afk….

But anyways, just for the fact that I sometimes have to wait for enough energy to use my Shred was enough to sway me to switch to Boomkin. This might just be me though, as I’m used to spamming buttons and always ALWAYS having some spell/ability casting on every single GCD from the beginning of the fight to the end. If you mess up, you lose.


Well, I’ve been levelling my second druid as a moonkin, with the intention that he would be my 4th and last ranged DPS toon. However, he had recently hit level 60 and guess where he is now? Yup, Hellfire Peninsula. Aka probably going to be stuck there for the next 6 months. So when I respecced my level 85 druid to a moonkin, everything was fairly similar save for the extra talent points and extra skills/cooldowns. From early on I had figured out the gist of the Eclipse functions and it was pretty fun cycling between nukes and also blasting out a Starsurge once in a while. The “rotation” pretty much stays the same but I also get Ents Go to War, and also Star Fall! I reckon I’d use my trees whenever they would stay alive the longest, and perhaps during bloodlust, and Starfall off cooldown and especially during my arcane spell boosted eclipse.

Nonetheless I did way more damage and had a better time as a ranged caster after doing the other 4 bosses in LFR as a moonkin. I was in the top 3 damage dealers which kind of concerned me if we would even finish given I was testing all this out in my full healing gear with no reforges! We did get to Hagara with minor casualties though! I didn’t really have any ACTUAL dps trinkets either, save for the 365 stopwatch I dug up out of my bank back from the Brewfest days.

tl’dr: Turny’s now a moonkin and not a cat/bear. Not that anyone cares.

Turny the Boomkin

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