Making Sense of Bag Space, Pets, and Mounts

Our trusty steeds, our swift drakes, our backpack, our tiny companions, and our fighting companions. They are always there, convenient and easily accessed, taken for granted. Occasionally we will ask “but wait, how are we carrying around so many bags, and how are we fitting so many items into our bags and yet remain fairly mobile?”

Hunter Pets

Our five active pets are the easiest to justify. We have one active pet at all times, and the other four are out hunting/prowling/adventuring in the near vicinity of our characters until called upon! What exactly they do while inactive I can not say, but hey, there are four of them, perhaps they are playing cards!

Companion Pets

Now it gets tricky. How do we “bring” along over a hundred tiny little companions with us, and yet only have one visible at any given time? Well we can explain that some are summoned from the void while the rest just sit in this imaginary “companion” panel in our menu. Perhaps the entire world is digital and we just “load” them when we feel like it. Yes, the game is digital but…you know what I mean.

Bags and Storage

Bag space goes from reasonable to extraordinary. A new character has a single backpack and maybe an apple in their bag. That’s reasonable. At end game, what do we have? Well I can tell you that my hunter has pretty much what sums up to be a weapon rack, a wardrobe, a knickknack cupboard, a mining storage bag, and a fridge on him at all times. How can we manage to carry not just our equipped weapons but a dozen other weapons with us? Do we mix the food we carry with all the severed heads we are required to loot for vengeful npcs? One could say our bags are just digital storage, with the ability to physically relay items to and fro the fabric of space and time. This could explain why gold has no weight, and is simply displayed as a balance near our bags. Another view could be that our bags are just an “idea” of what we possess, and it is our character’s cognition that dictates what we own. When we delete an item, does it physically cease to exist, or does it disappear because we believe it ceases to exist? But then again, tailors make bags. Psychic bags? Nonetheless, this bag can carry a dozen polearms and my entire Wrath-Cata bow collection! That’s one big bag!

Perhaps our bags use the same technology as the T.A.R.D.I.S., it’s bigger on the inside! This could explain where we keep our pets and mounts. In miniature stables!


I like to envision my character as Gandalf when summoning a mount. I whistle and they come running on the wind, ready to guide me to my next destination (usually 100 feet over, I try not to do that too often). However, a lot of us have over a hundred mounts, how are we able to memorize the call of all our different mounts? Are they ALL out in the wild? Do we keep them in a time-space technologicalized stable? Do we “summon” their form out into the physical world? This could explain how some NPCs can mail us mounts, through the mailbox. Perhaps they are sharing with us the idea of a mount. Since we believe, it exists. But only when legitimately prompted to.

So I guess I made even less sense to all the things we take for granted. Maybe our characters themselves are the “idea” of an adventurer. All we see is our character, but we don’t see what is behind the scenes, their lackeys, the caravan with our actual bags, the cages and stables for our mounts and pets, our bankers, armourers. This is why “mountains” and lakes seem so small for our characters, to the point where we could either walk up them or swim across them within seconds, it’s the idea of our entourage travelling. The idea of the mob out in the wild that you are fighting is actually an entire colony of that mob. Shit doesn’t get real until we enter actual dungeons, that’s when everything becomes localized, and to scale. It’s bigger on the inside. Stonecore is a great example, from the outside we can fly around the pillar of earth in 15 seconds, but try walking around the perimeter of Stonecore!

So keep this post in mind for the next time you loot something, or call out a mount, or choose a companion pet…where did they come from? And also, when you “win” loot via roll, that’s the epitome of laziness. We pretty much bypass game-time. Think of how this magical item automatically passes into your “bag”, we are actually bypassing the actual movement of our characters walking up to a corpse, and looting an item.

Truny Makes Bags

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