Collect ALL The Weapons!

Hellooo I’m back! I’d just like to report some non-important observations and that is I think that LFR has calmed down a whole lot. I think us humans have gotten in the groove and we are well into our 3rd predicted phase of LFR.


Well yes, remember?

Phase 1: On the day of release, Firelands geared humans were the only ones capable of entering LFR. There would have been some rather smooth runs starting at day 1.

Phase 2: The aforementioned humans become bored and stop doing LFR for a while and focus on regular DS, or SWTOR (I am guilty of this). Runs are a bit messy, people using blue PVP gear to cheat their way into the queue expecting everyone else to know what to do however everyone does not know what to do and the cess pool of hate begins to boil. Coming back into LFR during this phase is painful.

Phase 3: Most people get the gist of LFR and now we get the Ultra Creepy Quiet runs with relatively friendly or complacent humans.

Anyhow, none of that was important. As we all know, Deathwing’s magical elementium piece that he leaves behind contains a potential NINE special weapons:

A Rogue/Shaman Axe
A Rogue Dagger
A Hunter/Druid Polearm
A Healer Mace
A Caster Staff
A Caster Dagger
A Melee Two Handed Sword
A One Handed Tanking Sword
A Hunter Bow

And other than the axe/melee dagger, my new goal is to obtain the other 7 before Panda Land arrives!

Is this possible? With everyone rolling like mad especially at Madness? Well fear not for I have already obtained three of these, the Viagra Polearm, the healing mace, and also the Tick Toc Time staff! The next items on the list in priority are possibly the two handed sword for my poor DK tank who will never ever be able to find a 378 upgrade, then perhaps the bow, then perhaps my paladin when she is sturdy enough to queue as a tank (then again I did okay heals with my ACTUAL 355 gear score), and last the poison dagger for my warlock if I ever play her again.

Then, quit the game!

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