Adventures of the Forsaken Toon

I wonder if anyone else has this Toon Deleting Syndrom that I suffer of. Let me tell you a story. A story of my 10th character slot and all of its inhabitants.

Mt 10th character slot was not always the last one on my list of adventurers. Oh no, this was back when I was in the process of making my seventh character, a fresh Shaman named in the memory of my quitted-WoW friend. I had great plans for this shaman, as she trained in herbalism and became my main inscriptionist for over a year. I learned how to low-level heal (which means I didn’t learn anything) by placing Earth Shield on the tank and running off to read a book, watch TV or play another video game, and that got me giddy as it was pretty much queue for a dungeon for free exp. That got boring REALLY fast and I took up training with the Elemental aspects of shamanism. Chain lightning is by far one of my favourite spells of all time in the game. Lava Blast, Fulimination, it was all very raw and primal. This poor shaman levelled all the way up to level 65, even having endured a lot of outlands quests but ended up sitting idle as Cataclysm had just hit, and my high priority toons needed tending to.

Half a year passed and I had focused my attention to characters #8, 9, and 10 more than my Shaman. This would have been my Paladin (84), Priest (85), and Warrior (66). This was when I decided I wanted another hunter to level up with my RAF friend. My shaman died that day, only to be reborn later in this story.

I had great fun levelling with my RAF friend and his hunter with my newly made Undead hunter. We blasted to level 60 really fast and once we hit Outlands, it would have been very obvious to distinguish which person was the jaded WoW player and which was the new player. I sat around in Hellfire Peninsula for several weeks, refusing to quest through Outlands again and eventually I deleted this hunter when my RAF friend had already hit 85. I believe I then created another low level Shaman only to have him deleted very soon.

Soon I created an Alliance hunter, as I think the Sabre mounts are epic cool but then ended up deleting it as I had wanted to see the Goblin starting zone. I levelled this new Goblin hunter to his mid-40s, yes by physically questing and doing dungeons the old fashioned way. I even had him “adopt” one of my old original raptor pets to help him out. Pretty soon Firelands and the Molten Front came out and again, the high priority toons got the much desired gaming attention and this poor Goblin, Torby, sat idle. You see, one reason for this second hunter was that I thought I needed more stable space for “normal” pets on my main hunter, and this second one would go hunt some high level rares one day via “adoption”. I guess after several weeks of Firelands I realized I only really stick to the four or so pets and this second hunter had no value anymore.


Guess what I had created to take up this spot? His name was Torby. No guesses? Yes! A shaman! He did not last long. He was a Goblin and he quested hard to get off the Isle of Kezan and the moment he landed at the shores of Orgrimmar….a complete standstill. There’s something about the entirety of Durotar that makes me not want to quest in it. If it isn’t the dusty deserty feel, then it’s probably the fact that all my “original” toons grew up there (yes even my Undead Warlock) and seeing the world changed and streamlined didn’t feel right. (Azshara’s supposed to be a desolate wasteland with no one in it, not a questing zone!)

Now we’re up to the current day, and in this fabled character slot sits my second druid. Ever since I became more active in Wrath and raided ICC I had been curious about dabbling in le art du Boom Chicken. Though this was back when questing was still tedious and I had witnessed at end-game that most Moonkins we’ve seen weren’t as competitive as other DPS. Perhaps I just hadn’t seen a very very good one, but that was a good enough reason to not delete my existing toons. Remember this would have been when my first shaman occupied this spot and was a pro-inscriptionist.

If you remember one of my old posts (you must be very old), I did have about TEN minutes of experience as a boomkin from when my druid Turny the Restless Tree was growing up. He would have been in his 40s and how he even got up there I have no idea, I must have levelled him as Feral or levelled him as Resto and purely healed dungeons. I’ll have to look back at some OLD posts to find out. But anyhoo, my ten minutes of Boomkinness ended when I realized I would have to root and kite every mob that I tried to fight and that just wasn’t my cup of tea.

So anyways, the reason for a second druid wasn’t purely a spur of the moment decision. Druids are awesome! That and I wanted another ranged DPS and the only other one out there besides an Ele Shaman would be a Moonkin. Shadow priesting is interesting and all but I don’t find it any fun just standing there refreshing dots and shooting face beams.

Torby the Druid. I sent him off over to the other side of the world to level up, to flesh out the new storyline of Sylvanas vs the Worgen and everything is running smoothly…for now. We shall see, perhaps I shall report back, or not.

Torby the Druid

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