Heroic Dungeons: Acceptable DPS and Gear

Alright my reader, let’s think way way back to before Firelands, and before the Zandalaris. Think T10. No not ilvl 372, think early early Cata when a lot of us were mainly in a mix of 346s and 359s if any. Ok, got it?

Now at this time, we were both probably just running heroics and getting our points and whatnot. What was the “good” DPS doing?


Early early on I remember seeing a Shadow Priest doing 11k and thought “Wow, so amazing”, everyone else was at around 9 or 10k as their non-raiding gear numbers restricted their maximum output. Ok, so 9 or 10 was good so let’s say 7-8k dps is acceptable in regular heroics.

Alright, now that we’ve gotten that straightened out, please use the above analysis to confirm when someone SUCKS.

We do not want to see “Wrath DPS”, it makes us as the tanks or healers shudder at the endlessly long fights due to 5k dps. In a Zandalari, please ensure you are able to pull at LEAST 10k. Please. And in the new Dragon Soul dungeons, please at least 18k.

Please note for a majority of players there was absolutely no access to gear above 359, nowadays we have a spattering of 365s and easily accessible 378s. Ay, there’s the rub.

Though we all know gear does not equal skill. Gear is just an illusion of progression for some. Take my hunter for example, after he had mastered his class, my skill progression remained pretty much static save for the progressive knowledge of current fights. Gear essentially bumps up my raw numbers based on the total amount of numbers I am able to push out give the constraints of the numbers my gear is able to push out.

The sad thing is, some people think that receiving an upgrade somehow move them closer to their theoretical maximum than the static increase in throughput. Say you see a BM hunter who never uses Kill Command *shudder*, and all you do is hear them complain about not being geared enough, and even when they are they perform subpar. NO piece of gear is going to somehow magically “make” them push Kill Command more, or at all. Ever. Let’s break this down into simpler terms.

What Gear Does For You:

-Increases your theoretical throughput. Assuming you are able to maximize every single number at every single moment.
-Increases your stats. Increases your static output.
-Increases your armour.
-May make you look better or worse.

What Gear Does Not Do For You:

Magically teach you spell/ability priorities.
-Help you stay out of fire.
-Cure your tunnel vision.

See the difference? One may argue that with a massive increase in health/spellpower that the risks of standing in fire could be deterred. But now you’re just being a BAD. Why stand in the flames in the first place and char the beautiful gear that you so lusted after? Also, there’s something called Expansions that let us immensely out-HP/Damage content.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t “want” gear, I am just saying that if you have no idea what you are doing, it probably won’t help you and you shouldn’t get too hung up about upgrades and perhaps work on learning encounters, learning your buttons, and staying out of shit.

Truny on Gear

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