The Great Wait: The 359-378 Gear Gap

Let’s take a look at our current general route to gearing up a freshly dinged level 85.

1. You buy then 359 shoes with leftover JP from another toon.
2. You craft or buy some random 359s and 353s.
3. Run heroics or dungeons until you are high enough for 353s, accumulating your T11 and 353s.
4. You do the Save Thrall quest for your 365 cape.
5. You hope this ALT has done the Hyjal quests, and try to step into Firelands to at least get the first 365 item.
6. Perhaps donate to them a 378 bracer.

This seems pretty general right? I pretty much did this on my Priest, and it wasn’t as tedious as it sounds since I had a lot of fun mucking about Holy spec and also practising my Shadow spec in case it was ever needed. Also, the added benefit of now knowing 6/7 of the Firelands fight to the point of boredom has allowed my priest to heal and receive many upgrades while being obnoxious and loud with her Lightwell macros.

But, we can not raid all the time, and some of us do not raid at all. How *else* to “improve” our characters except to grind a MONTH of Fireland dailies? This seems quite painful does it not? Seeing that we had already grinded these quests on our mains for a month several months back. As of now, amongst my five raid-able characters, only my main Hunter has completed the Firelands dailies. Truny and Turny are sitting at around 30 tokens for the first phase (haven’t recruited anyone yet), and the other toons haven’t even quested far enough into Hyjal. There’s ALWAYS the grind-your-980-Valor-Points a week thingamajig, but we all know how fun that is. Perhaps when the change to have ALL dungeons reward 140 VP we will find a cure to our Zandalari nightmares. (Seriously, GTFO if you’re doing less than 10K)

Then again, perhaps I just have too many toons.

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