Patch 4.3: What ELSE Can We Do?

Hey I’m back my dear one reader! I’ve been very very busy lately, I think I mentioned this before but I don’t remember where but I am still a-studyin’ away for my super accounting exam in just under two months.

We downed Al’akir for the first time this weekend, and for the first time of me logging on for more than two consecutive hours. I healed, and I’d have to say after the nerf he’s pretty easy.

That’s about it for news. Raids are still fun, especially the dumbed down ones, which make them akin to mini-dungeons or skirmishes.

Yes I always bring up LOTRO because I have been playing LOTRO more than WOW lately. There’s so much stuff to do there! That and the non-existance of flying mounts gives the game an overall slower paced feel.

The one complaint I have with wow right now is that there isn’t anything to do. Anything left that is worth doing anyways. Firelands dailies are there but…..blaaaaah please no more dailies. I just unlocked the Druids of the Talon, which means I can now GRIND 375 more emblems for each of the three new vendors by doing the dailies over and over and over and over again. Don’t get me wrong the quests are interesting and varied but….in terms of current tier content that’s IT. Do dailies. Raid Firelands. How do we acquire VP on our own? Run the SAAAAAAME dungeons over and over and over and over again!

Maybe we should have kept dungeons longer and a tad more difficult so that we won’t get BORED of them so quickly by running them so often. We’re all probably at a point (if you’re still playing my dear reader) where we can list off the location and ability of every single trash mob and boss in all of the Cata heroics, and all of the trash and boss abilities in the T10 raids.

How about Scaleable dungeons? It’s already been done why not do it for all dungeons? Level 85 Ragefire Downs oh god I’ve forgotten what it’s called…you know…RFD! If you scale it to T11 you get 140 VP for finishing and only 70 for scaling it to T10 difficulty. It would add some much needed variation.

Steal LOTRO’s Legendary Weapon system. Rather than have people gasm over new gear why not let them keep one “special” item in which they can level up and make even more powerful even at end game. So even if your character isn’t levelling at least SOMETHING is making progress.

What about Pet Armour? Or Multiple Pets? Or Pet Combat Jets? Ok that’s asking for too much haha!

Ok I’m done goodbye!

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