Ban’thalos: The Flying Spirit Beast

So one night over the weekend I logged in exclusively to check for Ban’thalos the flying spirit beast. Turby had already been perched on the tree at the Sanctuary of Malorne with his buttons all lined up and ready. I was gladly met by a neutral yellow dot on my mini-map: Ban’thalos!

I looked around and there didn’t seem to be any other hunters around, yet.

I waited for Ban’thalos to loop around on his flight path, then I flew straight up to be on the same z-axis as him and shot! Nothing. Autoshot is too short-ranged. I must have also shifted forward, and fell to my death! NO! I fly back and now there are other people gathering around, trying to get to land on the one pixel of the tree. GAH! Luckily they were failing. I land back on the tree, due to many weeks of experience, choosing that tree-tip as my log-out point each night. I set my trap, fly straight up and Serpent Sting him! Success! He attacks, I fall onto the tree and lose half my health, he gets frozen and I begin my tame. Oh crap someone is attacking him and he breaks out of the trap, 20% health, tame is almost complete, success!!

Great, now I have nothing to do.

I don’t have any pics, I will post some tonight if I remember!

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