Dailies and Burnout

Speaaaaking of dailies…I haven’t been doing the Firelands dailies for about a week now after unlocking the Wardens of Shadow with Turby’s first 150 marks. I just….can’t. This is the only line of progress in the game for me, I have most factions at exalted save for the obscure ones, have all the cool pets save for the new ones, which I’ve lost all interest in, and the “progress” that comes from these dailies is just increasing your mark count. There’s no “real” progress in each 20-30 minute daily session. There’s that age-old complaint: There’s nothing to do! I haven’t raided in many many moons now either, our Saturday raid times prove to be quite difficult to attend given real life human summer activities and the next 15 Saturdays will be filled with CMA courses (It’s a Canadian Accounting designation thing for all you non-Canadians). I won’t miss raiding, though that’s the only other thing to do. I’ve run ZA and ZG so many times that my Turtle has pretty much emergency tanked 60% of all the bosses when we happen to run into a Failpug.

Perhaps it’s time to raid with another group? But then what’s the point I’d just get burntout from having to schedule in gaming time. I hated that from before.

My plans to obtain the new 365 gun seems to have fallen through. I’ve obtained all the mats to make three, but I really don’t feel like gathering another 150 marks! I said I’d do them every other day but now it seems like it’s once a week. Perhaps that’s a nice new timeframe to use. I can’t quit now, I still have to show everyone that Beast Masters are super viable, and it’s not just MM or GTFO!

Anecdote Time: My hunter friend in training/apprentice was in a Zul’Gurub several weeks ago and upon seeing his spirit beast the healer suggested him to switch into MM spec as “Bm Sucks, bad”. He ignored the request and in his 355 gear gave the full 359 set paladin a run for his money.

This is funny, in a lot of people’s minds BM sucks. This is a valid response, as BM did suck once. When DPS values were at 5k, not 20k. See, our guild knows that BM is fine. I taught another friend about BM’ing who has a following of BM’ers in his guild as well.

We shall see.

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